Dr. Danie Tran
Dr. Danie Tran has a passion to help people in the community to feel and live better. Having worked in private practice and within various Medical Centres around Melbourne, she understands that pain and discomfort can impact quality of life and limit activities of daily living. She believes that working collaboratively with other health professionals through structured care can enhance successful outcomes.
​Dr. Danie Tran completed 5 years of University at RMIT Melbourne, where she received a Bachelor of Health Sciences and a Masters degree in Clinical Chiropractic. Danie has an excellent understanding of how prolonged pain can affect energy levels, mood and sleep – wanting to provide a better quality of life for her mother, a chronic migraine sufferer, was her initial reason for studying Chiropractic.
Danie enjoys educating and providing her clients with self-management and preventative strategies. This is based on the fundamental pillars of movement, nutrition and stress management.