Choices of  care

 We offer 3 types of care. Symptom relief care, Corrective care, Wellness care.


Stages of care

There are 3 types of care that is available for you to choose from.

  • Relief care

  • Corrective care

  • Wellness care


 We often find that the first meeting of our clients begins at Relief Care. Once your initial problem has eased and there is less discomfort, you have the option to choose from  Corrective care or Wellness care. At each phase of care, you receive personalize care to help you achieve your goals.

Corrective Care

This phase of care may help you achieve increase in function and mobility after your symptoms are either gone or significantly improved. Our objective is to correct any underlying spinal problems and strengthen muscles.

Wellness Care
We generally find that our practice members choose wellness care for themselves and their families. You may choose to schedule periodic Chiropractic Checkups. Wellness care may help to maintain a properly functioning spine and reduce the chances of new injuries developing. We understand that health and wellbeing are dependent on several factors, so our focus is to help educate and provide you with the strategies to enhance your health and wellbeing.